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I’d been practicing yoga for years (fairly sporadically), but after acknowledging the many benefits of yoga and discovering a personal passion for it, I have now managed to incorporate Yoga into my life on an almost daily basis. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a wonderful Yoga community, with whom I can share my practice. This community even includes my Mum & Dad, who both practice yoga regularly and who also now call many of the local ‘yogis’ their close friends.

As a ‘Travel Stylist’ I have also arranged some wonderful travel itineraries for many ‘Yogis’ who head off to places like India and Bali, in the hope of deepening their practice and practicing in beautiful surroundings with new & inspiring yoga teachers from all over the world. I have also had the privilege of attending a yoga retreats in India and Bali, and hope to attend more in the coming years.

As I continue to travel and develop my own yoga practice, I will update you on the Yoga retreats and travel experiences that I’ve been able to attend. I will also update you on various other retreats that I assist in organising.

If you are a yoga teacher looking to put together a Yoga travel itinerary, that incorporates a retreat, and other tourist highlights for the area you are visiting, I would love to assist, so please contact me

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