One & Only Resorts, Ultimate Family Experiences.

Having just completed a few days in Sydney at ‘Luxperience’, a luxury travel industry exhibition, I am inspired more than ever to highlight to you (and wet your appetite) for some of the worlds key luxury destinations and experiences, along with some of the amazing offers and exclusive amenities that I am able to access as a part of SmartFlyer and as a Virtuoso affiliate. (Who doesn’t love a little travel inspo!)

So, I thought I’d start with our wonderful travel partners ‘One & Only Resort’s, and pinpoint some of the ultimate family experiences on offer from within their resort collection around the world.

From Australia to Dubai, Mexico to the Maldives, there is a beautiful family escape just waiting for you at One & Only resorts, and with their dedicated ‘Kids Only’ programs, Mum & Dad will be able to take advantage of some time alone, in some of the worlds most beautiful destinations.

Check out a few of my favourites from their portfolio below, and hopefully it inspires you to start planning your next family holiday.

Don’t forget to look out for the exclusive amenities that you’ll receive when you allow me to plan it for you, so if you are inspired, please contact me on

Kate xx

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Rosewood London – A Sense of place indeed!

As I delve deeper into the exciting world of luxury travel, I’m making sure that I do my research on these world renowned properties (tough gig I know), and whilst visiting friends and family in London recently, I managed to sneak away for a stay at the beautiful ROSEWOOD LONDON!

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My smart move into the world of ‘SmartFlyer’


Well, as another financial year comes to a close, and I gather up my faded receipts (I know, I really need to get with technology), I want to thank you for once again being a part of my journey, and allowing me to be a part of yours.

As an independent travel ‘stylist’, I don’t take your support for granted. I know that when it comes to booking travel, you have a plethora of choice, so I am honoured that you have chosen me to work with you to make your travel dreams a possibility.

Now, what’s business and pursuing your passion without change? It’s time for a shakeup.

You may have started to notice that some of my personal business branding has switched from Riche Travel to Smartflyer Australia, and I’m about to explain what that change is all about….and it’s exciting!

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Oman, this is a destination to consider.(Bad pun intended)

Being a bit of a travel nerd and travel stylist, I am always reading the latest travel publications and blogs to get the hottest and latest info for my clients. I make sure I talk to my suppliers so that I can work out where the NEXT big travel destination is likely to be.

Instagram is another favourite tool for staying on top of #trending destinations, where I follow countless travel bloggers, photographers, hotel & resort brands etc…. I love to be inspired and see the world through their eyes, and I like to keep my finger on the pulse.

Towards the end of 2014 Iceland seemed to be just about everywhere (and as a destination it’s now shifted to the very TOP of my to do list), but recently I’ve seen a huge trend towards Oman with many of my own clients requesting info on the destination, and many of the people that I look to for inspiration heading there themselves.

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A little place called SoHo, New York City!

I’m on a mission this year to post on my blog more frequently, as I love writing and sharing my travel experiences, but sometimes life just get’s in the way. When I say ‘life’, I refer mostly to work, going to the gym or yoga, or seeing friends, so it’s definitely not all bad.. just busy.

My goal is to write 1 post a week (starting from when I landed back in Australia), so last week was all about conversations with strangers on chairlifts, and this week it’s all about New York and my visit to SoHo.

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4 reasons why coming home from a trip is one of the greatest rewards of travel.

Remember the opening scene in the Hugh Grant film ‘Love actually’? Where they talk about the arrivals hall of Heathrow Terminal being one of the loveliest places to be, since it’s somewhere you rarely see hate… only love? Well, I was recently on the receiving end of an airport pick up, at Sydney Kingsford Smith, International airport, when some friends arrived from the UK for a week of sightseeing in our gorgeous city.

It was an interesting perspective for me, since I’m normally the one on the other side of the gate, but that hour or so in arrivals had my mind and heart in a flutter, as it brought back memories and feelings of the countless times I’ve both departed and arrived at Sydney airport.

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A Cuban crush!

cuba lady 1

A couple of weeks back I posted my answer to that difficult question for a seasoned traveller ‘What’s your FAVOURITE travel destination’, and If you missed it, my responses were Canada, Peru, Cuba, South Africa and Nepal.

I’ve since posted the reasoning behind my decisions for Canada and Peru, and now its Cuba’s turn.

I should admit early on that I only spent 2 weeks in Cuba, so I’m not going to proclaim to know all there is to it or that I experienced everything that Cuba has to offer. However, when asked the question about my favourite travel destinations, Cuba always pops into my head and the fact that a place can get under your skin, in such a short amount of time, definitely means something to me.

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The Cook Islands – A brief encounter!

Palm trees and Kayaks
Palm trees and Kayaks line the shore of the Aitutkai Lagoon Resort & Spa!

I recently posted all about my recent visit to the Cook Islands, (Read it here  ) but I was asked to compile a little Q&A on the trip, so I thought I’d share a little more with you about when to go, what to do, where to stay, and all of my personal highlights.


So, here you have it…. a brief Q&A of my experiences in the stunning Cook Islands!

WHEN TO GO? You can visit the Cook Islands anytime that you want to escape the rat race of life, but the driest season is from May to October!

PLANES, TRAINS, AUTOS? Air New Zealand operate a weekly direct flight to Rarotonga from Sydney, with modern aircraft, friendly service and an excellent variety of entertainment on board. It was actually one of the best flights i’ve had in a long long time. oh, and the safety demo is pretty cool…. for once every passenger on board was watching it. Check it out

PACKING ESSENTIALS? A bikini (or two), a camera (duh!) and a BIG SMILE to match that of the locals.

MONEY MATTERS!The currency is New Zealand dollars and credit card facilities at restaurants and stores are limited, so have access to plenty of cash. Change or order some before you get there, otherwise there are a couple of ATM’s and a Western Union that does currency exchange. Office hours are a little weird though (Island time remember) and the ATM’s were a little unreliable, so cash is KING!

MUST DO? A visit to Aitutaki. Even if it’s just for a day trip, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. It is a true Island paradise and worth every extra dollar $$.

MUST STAY? The Aitutaki Lagoon resort. Set on one of the worlds most beautiful lagoons, it has something for everything. From paddle boards to kayaks. Crab races to fire dancers… even the most active of travelers is well taken care of here. Every villa is set on the beach, with stunning views and there is one mega Honeymoon pavilion that looks to die for!

HIGHLIGHT? Diving with turtles and some of the prettiest fish i’ve seen. If you don’t scuba dive, then there are plenty of Snorkeling tours or Lagoon cruises so that you can experience the spectacular underwater world of the Cook Islands.

MOST LUXURIOUS MOMENT? The simple things in life…Sipping on my stunning Island cocktail, in a hammock under picture perfect palm trees, whilst taking in one of the most beautiful sunsets i’ve ever seen.

MOST DELICIOUS MEAL YOU HAD? The freshly seared Tuna Salad from the Moorings Fish cafe in Rarotonga, was divine!! They prepare the menu daily based on what seafood they we’re able to catch that morning on their daily fishing run. They only had so much and they’d shut up shop when they sold out, so nothing went in the freezer, and It was all prepared fresh daily. Loved it!

SIGNATURE DESTINATION DRINK? All of the resorts have their signature cocktails, but nothing quite beats drinking a freshly picked, chilled young coconut from one of the local trees. Tap into the goodness!

BEST ADVICE YOU COULD GIVE? Remember it’s ISLAND TIME over there, so don’t expect things to happen in a hurry. Take a leaf from their book and chill out. There is nowhere to be in a hurry, so sit back, take it all in and relax!

IF MONEY WAS NO OBJECT ? Arrange a private plane to take you and your loved one out to a remote island for the day. You can arrange private picnics or scenic flights over the stunning area, and have it all to yourself.

WHO SHOULD GO? Honeymooners, Wedding parties, Couples, Families … Everyone!

FAMILY? ROMANCE? RELAX? ADVENTURE? Family, Romance, Relax AND Adventure, there is something here for all of you!

WHAT DID YOU BRING HOME? About 1000 photos of Aitutaki, as it was literally THAT stunning!

HOW DID IT ENRICH YOU? the people of the Cook Islands make it the special place that it is. Their smiles are genuine and their hearts are big! Embrace their way of life and they’ll open their home to you!

There you have it …. a more condensed version of my experiences, and a couple of extra pics to check out.

As always, I would love love to help get you there so get in touch is you need an expert travel stylist 😉

Kate xx

photo new 3

The Cook Islands – Where smiles are free!

I told you it wouldn’t be long until the next OS adventure, and the next stop was the stunning Cook Islands!

This trip came to me as a prize that I had won through the ‘Treasures of the South Pacific’ road show. A touring product information evening that features the national tourism bureaus from most of the South Pacific Islands. As a travel consultant, you attend loads of these product nights during the year, and to get you there they entice you with finger food, an open bar & some lucky door prizes. It must have been my lucky day as an all-inclusive, trip for 2 to the Cook Islands was the grand prize ( a step up from the usual giveaway of a few sarongs, a day tours or a hat), and it just happened to be MY business card that was pulled out of the box.. YAY! (I never win ANYTHING!)

So, it was off to the Cook Islands and despite taking a little bit of convincing, Scott (My BF) was happy enough to tag along. He’s decided to brand himself as the official ‘executive producer’ of MyTraveLust, helping me to experience all of these wonderful properties and destinations. Plus he’s starting to earn his keep by stepping up as my personal photographer (as I’m really not into taking ‘selfies’ HaHa).

Rarotonga (the capital of the country) is a 5 & 1/2hr direct flight from Sydney (Thanks Air New Zealand), and my first impressions were WET! It just happened to be pouring with rain upon our arrival, but thanks to the arrangements made by our property the Muri Beachcomber resort (, we were able to check straight in. So, the wet weather forced us to have a little snooze and catch up on some sleep that the time difference robbed us of.

Not the kind of people to sook about the weather, we took a break in the rain as a sign to get out there. We grabbed ourselves a scooter, and hit the road (the one main road that circles the island), but it took exactly 10minutes for the clouds to open up again, and we we’re soaked through! We ended up being the only tourists (or anyone for that matter) on a bike, in the rain, but if you don’t laugh you’ll cry, so we pushed on. We were headed to the Punanga Nui CulturalMarket (which are held every Saturday) but due to the rain they were closed. Oh well! A lazy afternoon, and evening ensured, and we were amped for our trip over to the much anticipated island of Aitutaki the following day. (We’d be back to explore more of Rarotonga after 2 nights on Aitutaki)

Air Rarotonga flew us across, and flying in over Aitutaki is a site to be seen. The Island is surrounded by a Reef of the most spectacular ‘blue’ colour you’ll ever see, and with the sun shining over us it was a picture perfect welcome.

Our home away from home for 2 nights was the Aitutaki Lagoon Resort & Spa ( the Islands premium resort destination. Set privately on a lagoon that is consistently voted as one of the world’s most picturesque, you step onto your beachfront villa to take it all in, and it’s easy to see why. Crystal clear turquoise water, white sand and cartoon like palm trees, gently swaying in the breeze. There were day beds and hammocks lining the shore, enticing you to take a load off, and plenty of smiles from the staff to welcome you to their home. We were in paradise!

Aitutaki itself is the 2nd most visited of all of the islands, and although it’s small in size, there is plenty on offer. We spent our days paddling around the lagoon on the stand up paddle boards or kayaks. Exploring the island by motor scooter (including an off road expedition to the peak of the island, for a panoramic view of the surrounding reef), and feasting on freshly caught seafood from one of the cute little fresh fish restaurants like the ‘Boatshed Restaurant’ or Café Koru (which also happened to serve the BEST baked coconut cheesecake I’ve ever eaten!)

As for activities, if you are into diving (like us) then you MUST let Onu from ‘Bubbles Below’ take you out for the day. Onu is a local owner / dive operator who takes pride in his business, and has plenty of dive experience. He is fully accredited and knows the best places to see. We were lucky enough to dive with some huge Green Sea Turtles, Reef Sharks and Spotted Eagle rays, and can truly say that It was one of the best dives I’ve had the pleasure of doing. The warm tea and cheesy toasties after the dive we’re a nice touch too. His site is if you want to check them out.

Other than busying ourselves with the various activities that interested us, there were also Lagoon cruises, Fishing charters, Island hopping tours and much much more to keep you occupied if you desired, although there really isn’t anything wrong with claiming a hammock, and reading your favorite book under the palm trees. (Oh, and lucky for Scott the Billabong Australia team were staying at our resort and doing a swimsuit photo-shoot on site, so he was able to catch a glimpse of a pretty model here and there too. Lol)

Aitutaki is like a dream come true, and no trip to The Cook Islands would be complete without a visit. A week, a night, a day … I can assure you the extra expense is worth it!

After 2 nights in paradise it was time to head back to Rarotonga, and this time we stayed at the Crown Beach Resort and Spa ( Located on the sunset coast of Rarotonga, and set on 5 acres of manicured gardens, it’s an all villa property, offering the perfect balance between resort and private luxury. The staff were welcoming, friendly and accommodating, and you truly felt as though nothing was too much trouble.

With 2 full days in Rarotonga to utilise, we did another dive trip and took on the cross island trek. This time the dive was with Dive Rarotonga who were also a great company with qualified staff, reliable equipment and a great knowledge of the dive spots. Here we were able to dive with more reef sharks, and the notoriously ill-tempered Trigger fish (though, the two we met were more like puppy dogs, chasing us to play with them).

The Cross Island trek was 4 hrs of hiking and took us to a lookout point at ‘The Needle’, a unique rock formation high above Rarotonga. While the trek itself wasn’t overly challenging for us (especially after having completed the trek to Mt Everest base camp last year), there were definitely some tricky sections in the wet and the bruises on my butt can still prove it.

The view from the top was pretty cool, and gave you an awesome panoramic view of the Island. We did the trek ourselves due to our limited time frame but it you have a few days on Rarotonga, I’d suggest that you engage the services of Pa, a local guide ( His tours are supposedly legendary in Rarotonga, and I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to experience the trek with him, but all in all it was a great day spent exploring the flora and fauna of the area.

There are many more Rarotongan experiences that we sadly missed out on due to our limited time frame, but to give you a glimpse there are plenty of wonderful cultural shows that you can catch if you are wanting a sneak peek into the Polynesian way of life. There are more lagoon and reef cruises to get you out there, without necessarily having to get wet. More fishing charters and snorkelling trips too, and plenty of Eco tourism adventures if you want to see how the Cook Islanders are trying to preserve their natural surroundings.

As for food on Rarotonga there were a couple of stand outs. Moorings Fish Café was suggested to us by our dive guide (and I later realised It’s voted #1 on Trip advisor for food on the island). They prepare the menu daily based on what seafood they were able to catch that morning on their daily fishing run. The women running it were so friendly, and even offered to let us come back the next day to pay as we’d been caught without enough cash! Ummmm, what the? Loved it!

Another favourite was the Waterline resort and Bar which offered a rustic nautical themed dining area, overlooking the stunning white sands and sunsets of the Island. You could feel the love and attention that the owners had put into the space, and the food was delicious with a beautiful variety of seafood and other local delicacies. Definitely worth a visit or two, and you can even dine on the beach with the sand between your toes…bliss!

photo 13

Lastly there was also the yummy Kikau Hut restaurant. Here it was the people that really stood out. Big smiles and a genuine interest in ensuring that you were perfectly accommodated, and I think it was on our last day in Rarotonga that this became evident, when the host who had served us at the restaurant a few nights before, literally stopped us on the street for a chat. She’d remembered us, and taken the time to stop and wish us a safe journey home. Amazing!

All in all the Cook Islands proved to be a stunning holiday destination, and it’s not just because of the spectacular scenery. It really was the people that made all the difference, and it’s safe to say its one place in the world where you know that the smiles are 100% genuine. So, If you are looking for a beach break, a honeymoon destination or just somewhere to relax and unwind…. This is it!

Thanks to Cook Islands tourism for sending me to such a stunning part of the world, and all of the properties that hosted us during our stay. I feel grateful every day to be working in such a wonderful industry, which has certainly evolved into a lifestyle, and not just a job.

photo 19

Stay tuned for a more in depth review of the properties, and some of my hot tips for making your Cook Islands holiday unforgettable! If you have any questions about this or any of the other destinations I’ve visited, please feel free to get in touch.