About Me

I’m Kate and I’m a globe wandering, experience seeking, independent travel stylist.

I am  based in Sydney , NSW Australia and I think it’s safe to say that I have a gypsy soul… prone to wandering and always on the lookout for my next adventure.

I have spent my life and career discovering this beautiful planet of ours, so I can attest to the benefits of seeing the world, one exceptional experience at a time.

I have lived in both the UK and Canada, and visited over 50 countries (and counting!).

My career is my passion, and the world is my office. As long as I have my trusty notebook computer, wifi and a decent cup of coffee, I am online, curating tailor made itineraries for my VIP clientele all over the world.

The digital nomad.

Having spent more than 10 years working in traditional retail travel (9-5pm) roles,  I have stepped away from the office grind, and I am now working for myself, as a SmartFlyer Australia affiliate in Sydney. A network of the industries next-gen travel specialists, who know because they go!

It’s all about relationships.

With my 14 years of industry experience, it’s the relationships and networks that set me apart from your standard ‘Travel Agent’.

I have chosen to align myself with the best of the best.

Follow my journey and allow me to be a part of yours.


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