Destination Canggu, The next Seminyak.

Step aside Seminyak, there is another cool kid on the block and as much as it hurts to highlight this idyllic Balinese beach side village (when I’d much prefer to keep it a secret), word is getting out about Bali’s new hot spot.

While Seminyak has been known for its cool kid hang outs for years now, with hip hotels, beach front bars and designer shopping, the crowds are slowly venturing a little further along the beach, to Canggu.

So, having recently returned I thought I’d share my tips on why Canggu is the next Seminyak, and if you are anyone, who’s anyone, Canggu is the place to be.

Destination Canggu

Canggu is located on a 10km stretch of beach, just North of Seminyak and has been on the radar for surfers (heading to some of Bali’s best surf breaks) and yogi’s looking for a tranquil space away from the incessant beeping of motorbikes for years. However western and local development is slowly catching up, and Canggu is emerging from sleepy surf village to a destination in its own right.

Think rice fields, quieter beaches, local cafes, beach bars and more, it’s basically Seminyak’s little sister (or what Seminyak used to be like 5 years ago). It’s only a matter of time before it IS the next Seminyak, so get in quick before It’s over developed, over crowded and full of Aussie style eateries, that fool you into believing you’re still in Bondi.

While there are no big resorts here (yet!), Canggu has plenty of villa and boutique hotel accommodation and it’s a village that will appeal to everyone.

It’s perfect for families looking to have some space of their own and remove themselves from of the hustle and bustle, yet remain close enough to have beach access and local dining options. You can still wander or ride push bikes around Canggu comfortably without facing a barrage of motorbikes and cars at every turn.

Village life, Canggu

Canggu is also great for active couples, singles or groups of friends who love the surf and yoga lifestyle. As noted some of Bali’s best surf can be found in Canggu and there are some fabulous yoga studios too.

Desa Seni is a lush, yogi’s haven that will have you feeling a zillion miles from anywhere (despite only being a stones throw from the heart of Canggu village).

Desa Seni is a village in it’s own right, offering basic but comfortable accommodation, daily yoga classes, a spa and wellness program, organically grown and locally sourced produce for their Asian-western restaurant and more.

The perfect place to escape to for an hour (or a week) of bliss whilst in Bali.

There is another great boutique surf, bike, yoga and lifestyle retreat in Canggu, called ‘The Chillhouse’ where you can literally immerse yourself that perfect holiday lifestyle. Learn to surf, practice yoga and pair these activities (and more) with beautifully prepared, fresh, local food.

Speaking to friend who has recently returned, she praised the Chillhouse after her week long escape, saying that ‘It’s like a small little community or family for the whole time you are there, where you also meet other people from all over the world’. Sounds like the perfect way to escape the real world if you ask me!

On the flip side, If you consider yourself more of a scenester (is that a word?), you are still in luck.

Old Man’s  a casual beach side bar and restaurant, set with the rolling waves of Batu Bolong as it’s back drop, is the perfect place to watch the sunset and listen to some live music, before venturing on to Deus ex Machina another bar/restaurant in Canggu that offers up an eclectic blend of pumping nightlife, great food, motorbikes, art and surf.

Old Man's Beach Bar/Restaurant, Canggu

As for the accommodation, one of my favorite villa properties in Canggu is ‘Ametis Villa’s.

A luxury lifestyle villa complex, located just a short stroll to the beach, dining and all that Canggu offers. Here you can take a dip in your private pool, grab a bike and cruise into the village, indulge in their signature reiki massage, or just relax with your sunset cocktail.

There is some great dining in Canggu too!

A couple of notable mentions include ‘Betelnut’, which was my personal favorite. A large and varied menu, focusing on healthy lifestyle dishes such as Acai breakfast bowls, smoothies, juices, super-food salads and much much more. You’ll leave feeling both full and energized, and if you are like me, you’ll return pretty much daily for your fresh food fix. Website – Betelnut Canggu

LaCalita Bar y Cocina  is a vibrant Mexican Catina, serving up some of the BEST pulled pork and fish tacos i’ve ever eaten. Perfect for a lunch time snack, or combine it with a Corona or three and you’ve got a night out on your hands. Website – La Calita Bar y Cocina

La Calita, Canggu

Crate Cafe was also a great little breakfast or lunch option, with awesome coffee (which let’s face it, we all need!) and some yummy dishes. Their motto is ‘Life’s Crate’ and why wouldn’t it be when you are living/visiting/staying in Canggu! Website – Crate Cafe

Cafe Crate, Canggu

While some would say that Canggu’s transition from surfers hideaway to mainstream Bali destination  is already happening, there is still a beautiful relaxed vibe in Canggu that you definitely don’t get in Seminyak, Legian or Kuta anymore.

THIS is the epitome of what Bali is about, without having to venture too far into the mountains, so when I’m looking for a beach stay in Bali, Canggu is #1 on my list and I suggest that if Bali is on your travel wish list, then Canggu should be too.

If you want any more tips on Canggu or Bali in general, get in touch. Or likewise, if you’ve been there yourself, what are your tips for dining, accommodation and things to do?

I’ve also got exclusive rates for Ametis Villas in Canggu, so if a private plunge pool and a personal butler sound like you? Get in touch for my discounted rates and added amenities.

Thanks for discovering Canggu with me.

Kate xxxx


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