Phuket Uncovered – Avoiding ping pong in Patong and uncovering Phuket’s more idyllic beach destinations.

Phuket in Thailand is an Aussie favourite when it comes to travel destinations. Not only is it fairly close to home (if you consider a 9hr direct flight close), but it offers you a taste of Thai culture, a seductive warm climate and a picture perfect setting, where turquoise water and coconut filled palm trees have you believing you’ve just stepped out of Aussie suburbia and into a real life screen saver.

For these reasons you’ve likely already been here or heard of it, and if you have, chances are you stayed in or around Patong (most Aussies do).

An area that was once paradise, has now morphed into the definition of ‘tourist trap’, with its overpriced western restaurants, cheap knock offs, seedy nightclubs and time share scam presentations they almost every one of my clients has somehow been sucked into.

Don’t get me wrong. If you’re a 20something backpacker, looking for cheap booze and nightlife to kick up your heels and mingle with other like minded travellers, Patong is PERFECT, but for everyone else Patong has lost all of its traditional charm and if you’re visiting Phuket anytime soon, it would be such a shame if this was the ‘Thailand’ you experienced.

So, I urge you to cast your eyes a little further afield to some of the true idyllic beaches that Thailand is known for and lucky you I’ve decided it was time to revisit this island paradise myself and uncover them for you.

I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks travel in Thailand, where I was lucky enough to experience some of the lesser known beach destinations, and I have uncovered some fabulous hotels for you too.

So, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be showcasing beaches including Rawai, Cape Panwa, Kata, Surin, Layan,Nai Yang and Mai Khao with my insider info on where to stay, great places to eat, not to miss attractions and anything else that comes my way.

I also ventured to Krabi (another of Thailand’s magical destinations) so I’ll be showcasing my finds there too!

Have you been to Phuket? Have you already found a more ‘off the tourist trail’ location? Your own idea of Phuket paradise? Share with me your finds to help others find their perfect Phuket destination.

Thanks as always. I hope you follow my journey.

Kate xxx

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