Giving the gift of time and travel this Christmas!

As 2014 draws to a close (and I shake my head in disbelief. It was seriously just January, wasn’t it?) it’s time for me to share my next journey with you.

While this year has already proven to be a pretty great year of travel, with trips to the Cook Islands, China, Bali and the USA already under my belt, my motto (as you know) is work hard, play hard and that life is too short not to live your (travel) dreams, so this time it’s 6 weeks away to explore Dubai and the UK for Christmas and New Year. Then it’s off to the USA and my favourite city, New York, before getting our ski gear out to enjoy 3 weeks of skiing and snowboarding in Jackson Hole & Colorado with my man.

This time, there is also a difference…. the trip isn’t just about us.

Obviously we planned a trip that we would enjoy, but knowing that time is one thing that we all take for granted in our busy lives, we wanted to use it wisely by not only doing things we love, but by spending it with the people we love too.

With Scott being from the UK, we wanted to take some time to really re-connect with family and friends in that part of the world. It’s been over a year since we’ve been back to London, so there will be Christmas and New Year celebrations to enjoy, weddings to attend, pub dates and catch ups a plenty, so we can’t WAIT.

This trip is also a chance for me to show my Dad the world (well part of it at least), as having been lucky enough to see the world myself, I wanted to do something nice for him (who at the young and sprightly age of 69, has only left the country once). So, I shouted him a ticket to come with us for the 1st part of our trip (Dubai & the UK for Christmas). It was a pretty cool moment, when I casually asked him if he’d like to come with us (and that the ticket was on me) and his words were ‘You’re bloody joking’. I don’t think he could quite believe it, but he was stoked and said yes of course.

So, after a busy time leading up to our departure from Australia I am now sitting in cold wintery London after an amazing week of travels so far. I’ve already got so much to share, so stay tuned for posts that will highlight what we have been up to, tips on how to spend the perfect stopover in Dubai, how to explore London like a local and much much more.

I feel so grateful to be able to have a career that allows the freedom and flexibility to not only indulge my passion for travel, but also to take the time to spend with friends and family all over the world. Is there anything better at Christmas than being with the people we love, being generous with our time and exploring new destinations? Mmm I don’t think so 😉

So, Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you’ve had a lovely few days with your loved ones, and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

xmas cheers

Kate xx

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