Why I love my job….seriously!

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Yep, I said it…. I LOVE MY JOB, and I guess when I think about it, I don’t really even consider it a job. It’s my passion!

While the perception of what a ‘travel agent’ does is very different to the day to day reality (It’s not all free holidays and talking travel hot spots you know), I do love that everyday I get to inspire travel  in others and that I get to turn their holiday ideas into a reality.

You might think that arranging travel for everyone else (day in, day out) would make you a little jealous, but I guess it’s all about how you look at it. When one of your friends says to you, ‘Guess what, I’ve booked a holiday to [insert magical travel destination here]’ do you automatically:

A. Act all excited for them and then go home, turn a nasty shade of green (with envy) and sob into your pillow?

B. Brush it off…. You’ve been there anyway!


C. Ask them about every detail, hoping that you can perhaps make it there yourself someday?

Well, I am most definitely [C], and that is great for you.

When people around me talk travel I can’t help but ask them every little detail. Where they went, who they flew, where they stayed, where they ate etc… etc…. and all of these details are constantly feeding me inspiration for new travel experiences for my clients (and myself).

Through work, my gorgeous clients will often have some fantastic ideas of their own too! Dreams of travelling to exotic destinations far and wide and visions to head off and do things I’ve never thought of!

When the subject is travel, all of the research and planning I do for my clients, doesn’t feel like ‘work’….. and I love the fact that I’m always learning. Plus nine times out of ten, those new itineraries that my clients and I put together, will end up on my own travel ‘bucket list’ too. Eeeeeeeeek, sorry Mum… I promise I’ll give you grand children one day!

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So ….. I figured, rather than keep some of these amazing journeys to myself, I’ll share the best that I’m planning with you on a weekly basis, so that you may also find a little extra travel inspo and/or motivation.

Then if you (or someone you know) would like to do something similar, you can get in touch with me and I can use my contacts to get you the best possible rates and ensure that your holiday is perfect from start to finish.

I’ll get my first post to you next week, and it will be a Northern Territory adventure that I put together for 2 lovely couples. [Who may or may not be my Mum & Dad, and their very good friends. Lol]

They wanted to combine the main sights of the Northern Territory, with a little bit of luxury and some authentic cultural experiences. On all accounts the trip was incredible, so I’d love to share their journey with you.

What do you think? Would weekly posts with a range of varied itineraries (that i’ve actually planned) help to inspire you to get out there? Are there any destinations that you’d specifically like to hear about? (I’m sure I’ve sent someone there, at some stage).

Perhaps the posts will inspire your next journey or maybe they’ll simply make you smile, knowing that our world truly is a beautiful and magical place, and that there are people out there experiencing it in all it’s glory. While it might not be you this time…. It could very well be in the future.

Thanks for reading as always. Have a beautiful weekend. Kate xxx

9 thoughts on “Why I love my job….seriously!

  • Grand kids oh well one day. I’d like to hear about the trips that you are putting together, gives me inspiration to get out there. The trip you put together for us to the Northern Territory was simply amazing, It was such an adventure within our own backyard. I’m keen to take that experience into other outback areas. Follow your dream Kate, no matter what,

  • I’m totally a “C” too. I love planning trips for me or other people, it doesn’t matter if I’m going or not. My friends and family all know this so they always come to me for help. its become a hobby of sorts for me. To the extent that I’ve always thought that when and if I tire of teaching english in far flung places then I’ll settle down somewhere and work in travel agency.

    • It’s fun isn’t it! I love the satisfaction you get out of organising a great holiday 🙂 If you ever do make the break from your current career, I wish you the best in perhaps working in travel. It’s a wonderful industry.

    • haha nice! There is just too much to see and do, though i best get cracking…. My baby making clock is ticking and I think more poor parents would kill me if i didn’t give them a grand child. You can still travel with kids right? haha

      • Hahaha I don’t know how easy it is 😂 I’m an aupair and even going out to dinner is stressful lol but many people make it work traveling with kids so I wouldn’t worry!

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