What’s Canada all ‘Aboot’ then?

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In a previous post I posed the question ‘whats your favorite travel destination’, which as someone who’s been in the industry as long as i have, finds pretty hard to answer. (Read the post here: http://mytravelust.com/2014/05/20/answering-the-question-where-is-your-favouite-destination/).

If you missed it my faves (to date) were: PERU, CANADA, NEPAL, SOUTH AFRICA and CUBA (although it was so so so hard to choose!)

I posted all about Peru and what i love about it, so it’s time for the second installment which is Canada!

So, what is it ‘aboot’ Canada that appeals to me? (Besides the quirky accent, that is most clearly detected in words that have ‘ou’ in them… Like ‘out’, ‘about’ and ‘house’).

Canada will always hold a place in my heart for a variety of reasons.

As a snow junkie & adventure enthusiast there is something for me in Canada all year round and as the coach pulled into Whistler, and I caught my first glimpse of the snow and village life, I knew I would be hooked.

snow 1

The Rockie Mountains offer you powder filled ski resorts, as well as world class hiking, biking and climbing. Other than that though the scenery is out of this world, so there is little wonder why 3 million people visit this National Park annually.

There is a diversity to Canada that ensures it will appeal to all, with some of the world’s most iconic sites to be seen here. The fairy-tale Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise resort, sitting on its turquoise lake, where i’ve ice skated in winter, and kayaked in Summer. Then there is Quebec on the East coast where it’s French colonial heritage offers you a glimpse into its European culture, food and wine.

There is the thundering Niagara Falls, where you can watch in sheer amazement as 2,271,247 litres of water per second goes pouring into the lakes below, or you can sit back, relax and take one of the world’s most scenic railway journeys through the Rockie Mountains on the ‘Rocky Mountaineer’, complete with dome carriages so you don’t miss a thing.

There are wildlife experiences on Vancouver Island like whale watching, Ice Hockey games where fans scream and cheer for their beloved Cunucks, delicious poutine – which is a local delicacy of hot chips, gravy and cheese curd (check the recipe http://www.seasonsandsuppers.ca/authentic-canadian-poutine-recipe/ It’s way better than it sounds) Or you can even catch a glimpse of the Northern lights in the Northwest Territories or the Yukon — by dogsled!

northern lights
Pic courtesy of the ‘Northern lights centre’

See…something for EVERYONE!

For me though one of the highlights of Canada are the people, as they live a similar way of life to us Aussies. Fun loving, active and a little more laid back than their North American neighbors, I always felt at home in Canada and can’t wait to return one day to explore even more of this stunning country.

The two snow seasons that I spent living in Whistler had me living some of the best days of my life so far, and I feel grateful that I was able to immerse myself in the Canadian way of life. This combined with my other holidays to the destination have cemented it firmly in my heart.

The top of Flute Bowl, Whistler - Canada!
The top of Flute Bowl, Whistler – Canada!

If you’re after a Ski Trip to Canada, then the 2015 Earlybird specials are out now, so let me know if I can help to arrange your next Northern Hemisphere ski experience.

Check out our Facebook page for upcoming specials: https://www.facebook.com/richetravel

Or if coach touring is more your thing (or your parents thing) then tours to Canada and Alaska (a popular combination) have just launched per-registration for their 2015 tours, so now is the time to get planning.

Otherwise there are opportunities to enjoy a working holiday like I did, and with us Aussies getting Visas of 2yrs or more to work there, it’s a destination I’d recommend to any young person considering a working holiday. Check out this site as a great guide to doing a ski or snowboard season in Canada. http://www.nonstopcanada.com/insiders-guide/a-season-in-whistler/

Need more inspo to head to Canada? Check out this gorgeous time lapse film of Whistler that i came across…. http://xinageco.wordpress.com/2014/05/31/whistler-time-lapse/

Have you been to Canada? What are your favourite Canadian experiences? I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading xx


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