Live it up till it’s gone! (The Swisse Color Run, Bucket list moment)


2014 is zooming by, and at the start of the year I wrote about my thoughts on ‘Bucket List’s’ being the new ‘New Year’s Resolution’.

I described a Bucket list as a chance to think about your wildest dreams and passions, and make a list of experiences you wanted to have (big or small), so that you could have something tangible to work towards for that coming year.

Well, my list is longgggggggggggggggggg. Not specifically to achieve this year, but for my life in general and after having the privilege of ticking off a lot from my list last year, I didn’t expect to get close to that this year…. but I think I may be wrong.

This year alone I am set to cross these experiences off my list:

  • Attend a Yoga retreat in Bali
  • Do Tough Mudder
  • Donate blood every 3 months
  • Enjoy High Tea at ‘The Ritz’ in London
  • Take my Dad somewhere special from his ‘Bucket List’
  • Develop a daily yoga/meditation practice
  • Dine at Al Mahara Restaurant, Dubai (The Underwater seafood restaurant)

With more to come I’m sure.

But one of the ‘to do’s on my list, was the Swisse Color Run. A 5km fun run, where you get sprayed in neon colours and end up in a festival like set up, with thousands of brightly coloured people, all dancing & bopping to the thumping dance music. It sounded like fun to me, and I’m stoked that I’ve just ticked that one off, and the best part was that I did it with my Dad!

While my Dad is almost 70yrs old, he is always up for anything and loves a new experience, so when I was stuck for someone to do the race with, he asked ‘What’s this colour run? I’ll do it!’ … so we did!

All my brother said was ‘Please don’t kill him Kate’. HaHa

It was an icy May morning in the Gong, but the sun was shining and the vibe was awesome. Everyone was so so happy, and I’m not sure if it was the neon colours, the bubbles floating out over the course (I mean, who doesn’t love bubbles?) or the fact that people were just happy to be doing something new with friends and family, but I’ve got to say that it really could have been the ‘Happiest 5km on the planet’ (as the Color Run is dubbed by promoters).

The run itself wasn’t really a run…. I mean, 5kms isn’t long enough to allow for thousands of people to actually run, whilst trying to get into the colour zones to be sprayed with colour, but I wasn’t in it for the run. For me, being able to share a new experience with my Dad, and see him do something out of his comfort zone was amazing.

Did I mention my Dad is almost 70, and was the one that dove head first along the plastic sheeting in the blue ‘smurf’ colour zone, trying to get more of the dye on his shirt? Yep…. That was him!

The other highlight of the morning was once again being reminded of how important it is to be adventurous, try new things, and have a laugh. Life is too short to be so serious all of the time, and while a lot of people may look at the Color Run as a waste of time and money, It’s just for FUN and that’s what life is all about.

So, no it wasn’t a run to prove ultimate athletic endurance or ability (for me anyway), but it was a great way to spend a Sunday morning and as the wind dropped off and the sun shone over Wollongong’s spectacular harbour, I felt lucky that I was there to share a light hearted experience with my Dad, and watch him do something that he would never have done. Plus this will give him something to talk about for months and months.

Life is too short, so we really do need to live it up while we can… we never know when it’s going to be too late.

If you’re keen to do the Color Run, check it out . They host them all over the place, so I’m sure there will be one near you eventually.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more of my ‘Bucket List’ moments, and updates throughout the year. As well as some of my many travel experiences that really start to kick off in June. China, Bali, America and then the UK are all still to come. YEW!

Kate xx

Oh and thanks to 360 (Aussie Hip Hop artist) for the ‘Live it up till it’s gone’ lyric… A pretty upbeat song with the message to live life while you can, as you never know how long you’ve got 🙂




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