Looking for travel inspo? Tell me where you want to go!

I had so much fun last week doing my BLOG by request, that i thought I’d do it again! Last weeks post took us to New Zealand, so let’s see where you want us to go this week.

Like i said, i’ve been to almost 50 countries so i’ve more than LIKELY been to where you want to go, so I’m taking suggestions!!

Tell me where YOU want to be inspired about & I’ll write about it.

Alternatively, if YOU have your own travel blog and would like to feature a destination on MyTraveLust, i would love to hear from you. Submit your article to kate@richetravel.com.au by Friday the 24th of Jan, and I’ll choose a great destination to feature on the blog.

I can’t WAIT to hear from you and hopefully i can continue to inspire your LUST for travel!

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