I travel because ……..

Mt Everest From the top of Kala Patthar at 5643m above sea level.  The most spectacular view and the highest point i'll ever set foot!
Mt Everest From the top of Kala Patthar at 5643m above sea level. The most spectacular view and the highest point i’ll ever set foot!

I’m sitting here in Kathmandu, with just under 3 weeks of my 10 week adventure to go.  The trip has taken me from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and the UK, to spectacular Nepal where i’ve just completed the 2 week Everest Base Camp & Kala Patthar Trek.

(Sorry, the blog is a little behind on all the details, but ill catch up!)

8 weeks down, 2.5 weeks to go!

While time has definitely slowed down compared to the rat race that is my life, the end is drawing to a close way too quickly & i can’t help but scream for it to stoppppppp!!!

I’ve spent the last 8 weeks learning to let go. Letting go of work, knowing that my friends and colleagues have my back. Letting go of fear & learning to lose myself in the moment, rather than worry about the past or future…. And letting go of expectation, knowing that what will be will be and the more I open my eyes and experience things for what they are, rather than what I ‘think’ they should be, the more I’m able to enjoy the moment and live!

… And I’m not quite ready to give that up just yet.

Being out on the road again has reminded me why I travel, and why i believe that everyone should travel.

It’s hard to find the right words to describe the feeling I get when i’m lost in a new city or discovering a new culture, and I understand these feelings would be different for everyone.

To some, travel is a holiday. An escape from the daily grind, to chill out for a week or so, before returning to their day to day routine.

But for me, and I’m sure many of you travel is so much more.

The benefits of travel are immense and i could write page after page of reasons why i believe you should travel, so ill just note a few reasons that i find most relevant to me and hopefully to you.

1. You learn about yourself and others. Not only the people you’ll meet along the way, but traveling companions too! There is no surer way to get to know someone than to travel with them.

2. You become tolerant and more compassionate, as travel will open your eyes to a world unlike you’ve ever known and it can throw all kinds of circumstances your way.

3. You learn to trust in people. Strangers in fact, and this itself pushes you out of your comfort zone.

4. You gain a new appreciation for home and all the things you have waiting for you when you return.

For me there is nothing quite like flying in over Sydney or driving down Bulli Pass in Wollongong (NSW) after a trip overseas. That feeling you get knowing you’re home, and that your friends and family are there, eager to hear about your adventures is priceless.

5. You meet like minded people and form friendships all around the world.

There is nothing better than visiting a good friend on the other side of the world, knowing that even though a year or two or three has passed, things are still the same and that there is always a home away from home for you.

Most of all, for me the benefit of travel is simply knowing that I’m alive! That I’m out discovering more than what is put in front of me and hopefully one day ill be able to share this with a family of my own and teach my children the value of experiencing the world.

People say I’m lucky that I’ve been able to travel so much, but it’s not luck! I work hard and I’ve chosen to make travel a part of my life because it’s a part of me. I know that it’s something that will help me to grow, learn, discover and be a better person. I know a job, a house, a car etc…. will always be there, but investing in travel is something that you’ll appreciate forever and no one will ever be able to take those memories away.

So, for now I’ve got just under 3 weeks of my adventure to go and while I can’t do much about time going quickly, I can ensure that my days are filled with new experiences and making the most of every single moment…. Which I plan on doing!

Today, it’s a chill day to recover from the last 2 weeks of trekking in Nepal. Then tomorrow is Varanasi, India for 2 weeks of discovering another new culture & some ‘ME’ time at the Basunti Yoga Retreat, in the Himalayan foothills of the Kangra Valley in North India.

So, Where next for you? What inspires you to travel? Share your thoughts with me, but most of all get out there!

Kate xx

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