And so my journey begins!

And so my journey begins!

A quick post to touch base, as it seems the #1 rule of effective blogging (according to ‘Blogging 101’) is be frequent and consistent with your posts. This could be hard since Internet access could be sporadic, and as I said I’m not so great at sitting still for too long, but I’ll do my best.

Firstly, WOW…. I have some followers!! Thanks guys 😉

I hope that my travels inspire YOUR lust for travel, although as MOST of you are travel agents or have already well and truly caught the travel bug, I’m sure you won’t need much inspiration.

So, my adventure has begun.

The lead up to my departure was nothing short of ridiculous. I mean absolutely bonkers! Between working 15hr days, cleaning out my unit, back to back coffee dates, farewell dinners and drinks with friends, it was safe to say that by the time I got ON the plane I was utterly exhausted. Buttttt, I made it. Phew!

I’m now in Chinag Mai, Thailand. Sitting in one of those hotel rooms, where when you’ve got the air con on, it’s too cold, but when it’s off it’s too hot (I’m going with the too cold option. I can always snuggle in my doona).

It’s been 2 days since my departure from oz, and I’m struggling to let go. I’ve been told that I HAVE to switch off my work emails repeatedly by family, friends and work colleagues, but the thought of it is giving me anxiety. (That’s NOT a good sign! But lucky it’s Thailand and I can buy Valium over the counter. Lol!)

I’m not sure why the thought of switching off my email freaks me out… I know that reading emails while i’m away isn’t going to do me much good over here, and i know my team have got my back, but I guess I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to work, and I hate having to rely on people to help me.
I know what goes around comes around, and I’ve done my fair share of helping, I guess I just like to know that everything’s ok.
I just have to keep telling myself that the point of this trip IS the let go. To relax, unwind, explore and discover new things. So, with a Singha beer in hand, i’m taking the plunge….. As of tomorrow the work email is going OFF! Eeeeeeeek

As for the actual travel experiences of the last 2 days, I’ll update you all later on the specifics of my experiences in Chiang Mai. Although it’s only been 2 days, I’ve already found the best coffee in town and helped out at the local elephant conservation program, so stay tuned.

Today i’m taking off today on a 2 day overland/boat trip from Chiang Mai in Thailand to Luang Prabang in Laos. With the sun shining and my good mate Kel to keep me company, I’m looking forward to the journey.

Kate xx

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